Sin City Tanning Lotion

The Beauty of a Sin City Tan

Sin City Tanning Lotion got its start back in the early 2000’s in Las Vegas, Nevada. After a slow build up, crafting our lotion in a small warehouse, we eventually took off! Our wholesale distribution works with an array of different retailers across the United States and operates in a large plant just outside the city. We eventually got our big break after customers started to realize they could get that beautiful, sun kissed glow, without having to worry about UV rays and harmful chemicals. Our organic, cruelty free lotion, not only moisturizes, it also never streaks or stains hands. Using only the best and cleanest ingredients, we were able to create a truly amazing product that lasts, protects and looks fantastic. This gluten free, vegan lotion is safe and gentle enough for almost anyone to use!

There are a lot of convincing tanning lotions and sprays out there but until you try Sin City, you won’t know what you’ve been missing. What’s better, is that since the beginning, we only focused on wholesale selling. Getting our lotion into kiosks, tanning salons and even bigger corporations was the main goal. It wasn’t until only recently that we decided to do something a little different. We wanted our customers to be able to get exclusive discounts and gain access to sales the moment they happen! Here on this site, you’ll not only be able to learn more about our revolutionary tanning lotion but be able to buy products straight from the site at a staggering discount. That’s not all though. You don’t even need to be a business owner to purchase! These offers only happen every so often, as we are still primarily a wholesale distributor, so don’t miss the chance!

The dream in mind was to help not only women but men gain the confidence they deserved using a product that was easy on the skin. Don’t risk the harsh rays from the sun, getting burnt and wrinkled. Sin City is all you’ll need to feel summer ready! If you’d like to know more about this amazing lotion, we’d love for you to email us. Educating our clients and customers on the safety, use and ingredients is one of our favorite parts of the job. Knowing you can have a healthy glow all year round, without worrying about exposing yourself to harsh chemicals, is a song everyone can dance to.